1 hour Children’s Party

    Choice of party themes:

    • Team games e.g. Capture the Flag, dodgeball, tagging games, parachutes.
    • Multi- Sports e.g. choose any 2 sports : football, archery, speed stacking, dodgeball.
    • Mini Sports day e.g. races, egg and spoon, obstacle race.
    • Sports Specific e.g. football, rugby, netball, speed stack

    In all themes there is an opportunity to request specific activities and sports to suit.

    Included in the ALL bespoke party packages:

    • PDF Party invite download
    • Move More medal for the birthday child
    • Participation and thank you certificates for all children
    • Move More wristband

    Party Costs:

    Up to 20 children max = 1 party coach £185
    Up to 35 children max = 2 party coaches £245