Our annual PE Conference is in the diary after COVID-19 and we have been working on some amazing guest appearances and innovative workshops to invigorate your schools PE curriculum, inspire staff and engage all of your school children! 💙

It is well documented that physical activity has a multitude of positive influences on children and during the conference this will be explored. We are fortunate to welcome Hanna Miller, PE OFSTED HMI School Subject Lead and Sue Wilkinson, CEO, Association for Physical Education as keynote speakers who will consider the evidence behind this and the ways this can be introduced in schools.

The conference will be hosted by the prestigious CLC Health and Fitness Centre in Cheltenham, where delegates will be able to attend the conference and take part in various topical workshops before being able to take advantage of the fantastic swimming facilities on offer in this beautiful setting.

9am to 10.30am


Hanna Miller, Ofsted’s subject lead for physical education.

Hanna is a qualified teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Education. She has held leadership positions in primary and secondary schools and across a multi-academy trust.

Beyond this, she has experience of system wide school improvement, including providing training and support across the sector from higher education to alternative provision settings.

Hanna will focus on the Ofsted PE research review findings (focusing on the alignment between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment). I’ll also touch on the deep dive methodology and further inspection considerations.

WORKSHOP ONE  11am to 12.00pm

Mental Health Of Children

Mental health in childhood is, among other things, about learning effective social skills and having enough healthy coping mechanisms to navigate the world. Although all children need to be supported with this process, some struggle with it more than others. On top of that, we, adults around children, often are not sure about where to turn and what to do when a child in our care needs support of this kind. This is why Hayley (NHS) and Marijana (Move-More) would like to invite you to this workshop and give you the opportunity to:
find out more about how to support the children and young people that you work with by signposting them to OnYourMindGlos, a new and exciting website and online support finder for children and young people’s mental health services and support in Gloucestershire; and,
learn about the “Tame your worry brain” tool, developed by Move-More to help adults with supporting children’s mental health, and explore ways you can apply it in your school.

Hayley Payne
Hayley Payne works for NHS Gloucestershire as a Programme Manager for Children and Young People’s Mental Health. Hayley works on many programmes including the roll out of the Mental Health Support Teams across the county, supporting children and young people in schools. She also works closely with the voluntary sector, building partnerships and ensuring children and young people have the support they need both in the schools that they attend but also in the communities that they live in.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) to develop physical Literacy

During this work shop you will explore ideas on how to develop physical literacy in natural spaces and how you can utilise areas with limited spaces or with little equipment.
There will be a key focus on developing greater physical literacy through OAA and the outdoors.

Gemma Sharples: Hartpury University’s Programme Manager PE & School Sport plus PGCE (PE) secondary.
Previously a secondary PE teacher and SSCO (Lambeth)
MSC Coaching Science
Ex international rugby player 7s &15s

Sports Leaders - How To Train Young Leaders

This is primarily aimed at children in years 6 and 5 but could be simplified for LKS2 if desired. It is a 6 lesson scheme following the principles of STEPS: Space, Task, Equipment , People, Safety.
The aim is that at the end of the scheme, sport leaders will be more confident to create and adapt activities, be more independent in their own learning and able to set up and teach activities to younger children (for example for active play / lunchtimes).
Delegates choosing this workshop will receive a SOW, and experience snippets of some activities included in the scheme.

Jo Leggett is Move More’s Competition coordinator, as well as a local school’s PE coordinator.
Jo’s background includes 16 years in Physical Education in secondary schools culminating as a Head of Department, currently 9 years in a local primary school and competition co-ordinator at Move More since 2016.

Active Learning

This workshop will examine the opportunities for embedding physically active learning across the curriculum with a better understanding of how physically active learning can improve educational outcomes. We will explore practical examples of active learning and look at how these can be utilised across the curriculum. This will be combined with signposting key resources so that teachers have confidence to go back to their schools and implement physically active learning in their classrooms.

Sam Rowson is a Physical Activity Specialist with Move More. Previously he worked in different roles across education and sport such as a primary school teacher, teaching assistant and cricket coach. His current role comprises PE CPD delivery for staff across Move More’s network of schools as well as other responsibilities such as managing the Apprenticeship programme.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis is an engaging group fitness program aimed at KS2 featuring heart pumping tennis drills and games. Cardio Tennis is a very social activity for all ages. Your tennis ability doesn’t matter because it’s about working on fitness levels and fun more than tennis skill. Cardio tennis will run as a practical session involving warm ups featuring dynamic movements, catching/tossing skills and light hitting, followed by a variety of games and activities and a cool down . Also Cardio tennis lesson plan packs will be available at the end.

Jordan Marter : Multi sport & health coach at Move More, tennis coach and instructor
Level 1- LTA Assistant, Level 2 – LTA Instructor, Level 3 – Coach qualification
Jordan has a love and passion for tennis that really developed in his late teens. He knew then he wanted to share this with young people, hoping to bring more people into the sport, both young and old.

Thriving through Physical Education… Achieving the best for all Children and Young People

1pm to 1.40pm


Sue Wilkinson, MBE AfPE Chief Executive Officer

‘Thriving through Physical Education… Achieving the best for all Children and Young People’

The presentation will share a national perspective and how locally, colleagues can create a bespoke offer empowering the work force to respond to the needs of their students.

Sue Wilkinson MBE is CEO of the Association for Physical Education (afPE). Sue was awarded an MBE in 2016 for her services to education. Sue, formerly trained in Human Movement Studies, has taught in secondary schools and completed outreach work in local schools. She has held roles as Strategic Lead and Director of the National College for Professional Learning, afPE; Professional Development Manager for the British Association of Advisers and Lecturers in Physical Education; plus Director of Teaching and Learning and PGCE Physical Education and KS2/3 for the University of Worcester.

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is the only UK PE association. Their purpose is to promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education, school sport and physical activity, influencing developments at national and local levels that will impact on pupils’ physical health and emotional well-being.

WORKSHOP two  1.45pm to 2.45pm

Speed Stack

The Speed Stacking workshop is great fun and will introduce teachers to this growing sport.
Speed Stacking is both an individual and team sport that involves stacking 9 or 12 cups in pre-determined sequences as fast as you can. However, away from the set sequences it is a great activity to introduce in schools for both KS1 and KS2 and is a fantastic way to get the children physically active in PE, at lunchtimes or in a club without them even realising it!
It develops a whole host of skills including, co-ordination, cognitive development, social interaction, teamwork, personal challenge, determination, self belief and much more.
Come and join us for a practical, fun and high energy workshop!

Di Baker – Head of Education and Team UK Coach for Speed Stacks UK, School Games Organiser in Cambridgeshire. Prior to this Di was the Partnership Manager from 2007 and a primary school teacher for 16 years.

Inclusion: Neurodiversity and Physical Activity Exploring ADHD and Autism within PE and beyond

This workshop will look at the neuroscience of ADHD and Autism, helping teachers better understand the physical activity needs and inclusion opportunities for neurodiverse children within curriculum and non-curriculum settings.

Matt Coldrey is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching, Physical Education and School Sport.
His interests centre around lifelong participation in physical activity, behaviours change, and inclusive practice. He is a passionate advocate for neurodiversity and creating more inclusive work and sporting environments for all.

FA’s Football in the curriculum: planning and teaching

This workshop will provide a taster for the latest CPD offer provided by the Football Association. It is delivered by expert FA PE Officers and develops confidence and competence to plan and teach high-quality Physical Education lessons.
This programme focuses on ‘Holistic Development’, ‘Learning Through Games’, ‘High-Quality Teaching & Learning in PE’ and ‘Mapping a PE Curriculum’.

The 2 tutors for this workshop are Vinny Halsall – Physical Education Officer for the Football Association South West, 25 years’ experience as a secondary PE teacher, UEFA A licensed football coach.
Callum Smith – Move More Multi Sport and Health Coach, Girls Football Schools Partnership strategic lead for Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and Academy Coach for Cheltenham Town FC (currently working within the foundation phase), with the aim of creating a positive, safe learning environment to develop skilful participants.

Family engagement - strategies for involving parents in school health programmes

Family engagement is about parents, schools and other professionals working together to support and improve the learning, development and health of children. Families are an essential part of this triangle because their engagement is linked to better child behaviour, enhanced social skills, higher achievement and can serve as a protection against children taking part in risky and unhealthy behaviours. Join us for this workshop to support your goals for inclusive family engagement in your school.
We will support you with this by giving you the opportunity to explore strategies to promote inclusive family engagement practices learn how to assess your school’s existing family engagement practices learn how to build the capacity to support school-family collaborations, and share experience and good practice with other schools.

Marijana Filipovic-Carter is Move-More’s Family Engagement and Support Lead. Marijana developed the F-C approach to incorporate interpersonal neurobiology research, positive discipline, playful parenting and other respectful methods, which she has been applying in her work with schools and families for the last decade. Marijana supports families and school staff to respond to children’s struggles in the way that best supports children’s needs. She does this through webinars, well-being newsletters, health challenges, focus groups and 1-1 support for families and staff. Topics she covers range from resilience, self-esteem, confidence, anger and aggression, defiance, sleep issues, fussy eating, to worrying and separation anxiety.

Natural Mindfulness - through outdoor education, PE or Forest School

Come and join Ian for this introductory session where you will go outside (so be appropriately dressed) as well as:
· Experience ways to achieve maximum, active awareness through moving mindfully outdoors.
· Discover how to easily achieve a state of relaxed alertness where children’s (and our own) senses are open, positive and active.
· Improve your natural wellness across all aspects of learning and life.
· Learn how enabling creative expression, connecting with a child’s ‘natural ability’ and developing a growth mindset from a sense of failure, enhances our success.

Ian Banyard Author of Natural Mindfulness & Promoting Natural Mindfulness for Life & Business
In 2014 Ian started guiding his own nature-based, wellness walks in the English Cotswolds an area of outstanding natural beauty. Some of the people who walked asked if he could teach them to guide their own Natural Mindfulness walks and experiences. He has now trained over 400 guides who share his passion for aligning natural mindfulness (and forest bathing) with their own nature-based wellness practices.\
Walking mindfully ‘with’ nature is an exciting journey of reconnection with nature.

WORKSHOP three  3.00pm to 4.00pm

5 Ways to Wellbeing: How to deliver in a school setting

The session will look in more detail at the 5 ways to Well-being Framework and how this can be incorporated into elements of the Physical Education and the PSHE curriculum. Using practical tasks and activities it will demonstrate a variety of ways to assist in improving the mental health and well-being of children. We will also look in more detail at the Health Passports as a resource to supplement teaching and the role they can play in providing the link between home and school.

Charlotte Moore is the Head of Education at Move More, in charge of professionally developing practice across the coaching team to improve children’s experiences of PE. Prior to joining Move More, Charlotte was a Director of Sport and Head of Department for 15 years, teaching children aged 2-13 years old. She has also been a form tutor in Year 6 and Year 8 delivering PSHE and pastoral support, as well as gaining qualifications in counselling and mindfulness. The importance of supporting children’s mental health and well-being has always been at the heart of her teaching and in particular, how it can link to a physical education curriculum.

Reconceptualising Competition

The latest iteration of the national curriculum for physical education (Department for Education, 2013) places a large emphasis on providing competitive opportunities for the young people in our schools. The addition of the School Games programme has provided a formal structure for many of these opportunities, but what about the competitions we create in our day-to-day teaching?
In their recent work on meaningful experiences in physical education Beni et al. (2017) identified competition as a point of contention for many young people, with very mixed views towards its use. This workshop will examine some of the benefits and risks of exposing young people to competition, examine some underpinning theories surrounding motivation and competition (self-efficacy and physical self-perception), and finally go on to suggest some practical ways we can structure competition to make it a positive experience for all of our pupils.
Space will be provided for delegates to share some of their own practices surrounding competition and begin to prepare an action plan/policy around the use of competition in physical education.

Jordan Wintle – Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise, University of Gloucestershire.
Following 9 years of teaching in schools, Jordan has spent the last 8 years working as a teacher educator and researcher at the University of Gloucestershire. With an in-depth knowledge of motivational climates in physical education and youth sport, he aims to ensure physical education can be a positive meaningful experience for all young people.

Creating Active Schools (CAS) Framework

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the whole school benefits of having physical activity at its heart, including children’s learning potential, behaviour and wellbeing as well as the engagement of stakeholders including parents, and carers. It will also outline the policies and procedures to support this ambition and how the school’s environment and opportunities bring this drive to life.
Creating Active Schools framework will be shared from a national and local perspective, as well as existing CAS schools sharing why they adopted the CAS framework, how CAS is embedded within the school’s improvement plan, why they are developing a Physical Activity Policy and how CAS aligns with other programmes in school.

Jeanette Quinn: Deputy CEO Move More
Dr Andy Daly-Smith: Reader in Physical Activity and Healthy Childhood, Wolfson Healthy Childhood Research Theme Lead, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford.
CAS National Lead
Tom Hall: Children and Young People’s Lead, Strategic Manager (Extended Workforce) e) Active Gloucestershire
Katie James: Head teacher Charlton Kings Infants school
Caryn Smith: Deputy Head teacher St James Primary

How to Teach Dance (even when you can’t dance)

This workshop will look at the building blocks of teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 Dance within PE, with an example 6 week scheme of work provided along with progressive lesson ideas.

Matt Coldrey is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching, Physical Education and School Sport.
His interests centre around lifelong participation in physical activity, behaviours change, and inclusive practice. He is a passionate advocate for neurodiversity and creating more inclusive work and sporting environments for all.



Wednesday 2nd November 2022


8.45am to 4.15pm


Cheltenham Ladies College Health and Fitness Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

GL50 2NX


Tickets are NOW ON SALE (below) £165.00 per delegate.

This event is free of charge to Move More Core Members (Headteacher / Governor also welcome to attend the morning keynote speech).

Tickets will be available to purchase online until 30th October 2022. This event usually sells out so PLEASE BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment! There are a limited number of tickets available to the public due to member priority.