Cycling is good for both gross motor skills, using the larger muscle groups right through to fine motor skills such as squeezing the brakes.


Essential to learn to ride safely and be able to control their bike around others.


Underpins successfully riding a bike and basis of a childs confidence when riding a bike.



Learning to ride a bike is one of life’s skills, opening up the joys of riding a bike throughout early childhood and beyond, be it for fun, leisure, a hobby, active travel or health reasons.

Balanceability provides an introduction, establishing the fundamental skills required for cycling, that of gross motor skills and balance. The main goal being to establish and improve the child’s gliding, stopping, braking and steering skills to enable them to ride solo progressing from a balance bike to a pedal bike, safely and confidently. The art of riding a bike is ultimately dependent upon a good understanding and experience of balance, hence negating the need or reliance on stabilisers.

Appropriate for children aged approximately 3-8 yr olds, whether starting their balance bike experience or transitioning / practising with pedals. Children will be grouped dependant on their experience and ability, progressing through stages at an appropriate rate.

Elements covered include:

  • Controlled fundamental movements: balancing, spatial awareness, motor skills.
  • Getting on and off a bike safely
  • Propelling and steering a balance bike
  • Gliding & braking
  • Transitioning to pedal bike
  • Confidently controlling a pedal bike: propelling, steering & braking.

who is it for?

Our balanceability classes are for 3 yrs plus.

where is it held?

All Saints Academy, Blaisdon Way, Cheltenham

when is it?

Every Saturday during school terms. Each lesson is 45 minutes long and there are 6 lessons in each bookable term block.

what do they need to bring?

All helmets, balance & pedal bikes provided, or children can bring their own.

A water bottle is essential and comfortable unrestrictive clothing. Helmets must be worn.

We cannot be held responsible for any incident if their bike is not road / ride worthy. Bikes brought to the session should NOT have stabilisers, as the programme develops balance and gliding skills no stabilisers are required.

how do i book it?

Sessions must be booked in blocks of 6 and cost £48.  CHILDCARE VOUCHERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR THIS PROVISION.

If there are no current courses available to book, please register your interest below and we will let you know when a new block of dates have been released.

“Move More are a fantastic organisation providing great opportunities for children to be active in the area.

I would highly recommend, a very professional organisation making the camps fun for kids, while keeping them fit and healthy.”