PE Assistants

We are supporting the next generation to deliver high quality PE and school sport.

Staff on our PE Apprenticeship programme offer PE assistance to schools, whilst supporting the delivery of our events and programmes.

Move More are happy to announce that we are relaunching our Apprenticeship programme for the upcoming academic year (2024/25). Following a review of the programme we are now able to deliver an effective Apprenticeship programme for young people, ensuring this has a positive impact upon our local schools. After taking this time, Move More are excited to officially announce the relaunch of our Apprenticeship Programme starting in September in 2024!

To relaunch this offer, Move More have partnered with a new, local training provider Riverside Training. This has allowed the course to be upgraded from a Level Two (Level Two Community Activator Coach) to a Level Three qualification (Community Sport and Health Officer Level 3). This will allow for stronger, more knowledgeable candidates to be on offer to our schools to increase the impact they can have on the children within their provision and within your school community.


What An Apprentice can offer Your school:

  • Assisting in the creation of fun, positive, safe and inclusive learning environments.
  • Running intervention programmes, including those that focus on fine or gross motor skills.
  • Supporting small groups and individuals in the teaching environment, for instance the least active or more able pupils.
  • Setting up activities, clearing away resources and looking after all sports equipment.
  • Developing and assisting with the provision of lunchtime and after school sports clubs.
  • Supporting the co-ordination of sporting events and willing to accompany students on educational visits.