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Date(s) - 07/10/2021 - 10/03/2022
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Cheltenham Primary Schools’ Cross Country League

Please find enclosed all the information for this year’s 2021-22 League competition. 

  • Dates and venues for all races


  • Thursday 7th October 2021 @ Newlands Park – Cheltenham Tigers RFC 
  • Thursday 14th October 2021 @ St. Edward’s Prep School
  • Thursday 3rd March 2022 @ Cheltenham College Prep School 
  • Thursday 10th March 2022 @ St Edward’s Prep School 

PLEASE NOTE – The County Championships will be held on Saturday 12th March 2022 @ St Edwards Prep School

Each above date will feature four races as detailed below: –

  • Year 5 and below Girls – 4:15pm
  • Year 5 and below Boys – 4:25pm
  • Year 6 Girls – 4:35pm
  • Year 6 Boys – 4:45pm

  • The Competition


  1. Each course is approximately one to one and a quarter miles in length. 
  • Competitors must wear training shoes. RUNNING SPIKES ARE NOT ALLOWED due to health and safety reasons.


  1. At the end of each race competitors will be handed a number card at the finishing line which will correspond to their position in the race. Each Team Manager must:
  • Collect the number cards of the competitors.
  • Put the cards in an envelope provided by your good selves – one per race please with school name!
  • Write the full names of your competitors and their positions on the envelope (up to four separate envelopes for the races)
  • Add up the total of the best two runners’ finishing positions in each race and record their totals on the envelopes. 

The envelopes should be handed / placed in box at finishing line at conclusion of the races. 

  1. The individual and team competitors are based on the best performances in THREE (out of FOUR) races. It is recognised that children may miss a race due to illness etc… but future selection process will be made easier if children can compete in all races. 


  1. The top 6 girls and boys from each category will receive medals; the top 12 from each will also be chosen to represent Cheltenham Schools in the Gloucestershire County Primary Championships TBC. Year 4 children will be accepted with the Year 5 county category. Therefore, if a child were to fall within the district top 10 within either Year 5 and below race categories they will be able to represent Cheltenham at the County Championships. 
  2. d)   There will be three team competitions – the girls, boys and combined team shield.

For the team shields, the best two from both girls’ and boys’ races will make up the overall team score per race run, i.e. the best two from the Year Six and the best two from the Year Five and under races will be added together to provide two gender specific scores. 

  1. Because of the large numbers of runners in recent years, each school will be restricted to entering any number up to a MAXIMUM of SIX for either of the Girls’ races AND, similarly, any number up to a MAXIMUM of SIX for each of the Boys’ races. You may, of course change your team members for each race if required but remember that to qualify for the team competition you must have at least three runners per race.
  2. In the event of excessively bad weather on the day of a scheduled race you will be contacted by 1.30pm if we have to cancel the races. 
  3. A reminder that all schools who wish to take part in this competition must be fully paid up affiliated members of the Cheltenham Schools’ Sports Council.

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