How to help children learn emotional self-regulation

How to help children learn emotional self-regulation


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The pandemic has been quite triggering for so many of us as we have to adapt and learn to live through the Covid-19 pandemic. Neuroscience tells us that consistent external regulation eventually becomes internalised and children can learn to emotionally regulate by themselves. 

Emotional experiences such as happiness, anger, frustration, joy, feeling overwhelmed are a normal part of life. However, as a child they have little understanding on how to deal with these emotions or clearly convey them to parents or adults.

Negative emotions can tend to manifest themselves in the display of meltdowns, tantrums, lashing out or withdrawal. If these signals of emotions goes unrecognised then children may end up being misunderstood and punished for ‘bad’ or ‘sulky’ behaviour. This could result in a spiral of unprocessed emotions and therefore lead to the inability for that child to grow and learn how to process such emotions in later life. 

Unfortunately, children are not born with the ability to regulate our emotions. Fortunately, as adults we do have the power to teach and guide our children through that learning process using a number of calming and coping techniques!

In this webinar we aim to deliver a number of top tips and coping mechanisms to help you teach children how to recognise an emotion and learn emotional self-regulation.


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