Tewkesbury Swimming Gala

Tewkesbury Swimming Gala


12:45 pm - 2:45 pm


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Tewkesbury School
Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 8DF

Event Type

Tewkesbury Swimming Gala 2020

Order of Events

Team of 6 swimmers from years 4-6 with no restriction on gender balance.

Each swimmer must take part in one race only from heats 1-6, plus the canon relay and a fun/non scoring event. Including the finals, each child will swim 4 races so please ensure those in the 2 length races have sufficient stamina to cope. A pupil of your choice shall take part in the final Stylish Dive/Entry.

All individual races will have a water start. In the relays, swimmers starting at the deep end may dive if competent.

Heats: (2 heats for each race 1-7)
1 Front Crawl – One length
2 Front Crawl – Two lengths
3 Back Crawl – One length
4 Back Crawl – Two lengths
5 Breast Stroke – One length
6 Breast Stroke – Two lengths

7 Canon Relay
– All six pupils to take part in this race.
– One length each.
– Any stroke.

The winner from each heat/race will go through to the final 1 + the 2 fastest losers, the other swimmers will go into final 2.

Finals: (2 finals for each race 8-14)
8 Front Crawl – One length
9 Front Crawl – Two lengths
10 Back Crawl – One length
11 Back Crawl – Two lengths
12 Breast Stroke – One length
13 Breast Stroke – Two lengths
14 Canon relay – All six swimmers, one length each, any stroke

Fun/non scoring events

15 Largest Splash – 3 pupils nominated
16 Smallest Splash – 3 pupils nominated
17 Stylish Dive/Entry – One pupil nominated



Bookings are closed for this event.

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