We want children to have good physical and mental health. That’s why we use physical activity to help build resilient, confidence children.

Mental wellbeing, childhood obesity, health and wellbeing are all prominent issues nationally.

Locally we can see an ever increasing need to work across the wider health spectrum to raise awareness of healthier habits, behaviours and lifestyles.

We work with all, or targeted children, who are either obese, or at risk of becoming obese.

It may also include children whose lifestyles or wellbeing are negatively affecting their learning behaviours.

To support this, we have developed a Health Membership Package to aid schools in their delivery of healthy interventions, eating well and physical activity. To find out more about our tailored packages click here.

We see the family as a crucial part of having a positive impact on children and therefore extend our work to incorporate family engagement also. Our Family Engagement Officer works with schools to identify families who would benefit from additional support.

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We’re really proud that our health and wellbeing programme is shortlisted for the No Child Left Behind physically active award.