Move More Clubs have been developed to create opportunities for children to participate in sport and physical activity within a non-competitive environment that focuses on enjoyment and personal development. This approach has created environments that are non-judgemental and appeal to children who wish to be more active or are disengaged with physical activity due to a lack of suitable opportunities.

This is a BRAND NEW weekly club running every Wednesday (during term time) at Bourneside School.

Starts 21st February 2023! Book your free trial below!

The clubs enable children to experience a variety of activities, develop new skills and experience personal and social benefits such as friendship, teamwork, increased confidence and positive mental wellbeing. 

Move More Clubs will inherently support children and young people to lead more active lifestyles, through the delivery of weekly 1-hour sessions. The sessions will provide a variety of different sports and physical activities, with the focus centred on enjoyment and participation with no element of competition or fixtures.


  • Multi-sport and physical activity sessions
  • Sessions will include a wide variety of activities including traditional and non-traditional sports (football, basketball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee etc)
  • Children will benefit from 60 minutes of physical activity in a fun, enjoyable and non-competitive environment
  • Wider work around social development (teamwork, confidence, respect, honesty etc)