Here at Move More HQ we are delighted to be in partnership with Active Gloucestershire, We Can Move, Hartpury University and CAS to help deliver this exciting new initiative across Gloucestershire primary schools to help them embrace a whole-school approach to physical activity. We already discussed this at our PE Coordinators Day earlier this month and the school response so far has been extremely positive with 6 member schools signing up for more information on the day.

What is CAS? Creating Active Schools

Its a new school framework created to embed physical activity at the heart of a school’s ethos.

The framework was developed to help promote a whole systems approach to school improvement. It can be used in all primary schools and is flexible to adapt to cohort or circumstances. All stakeholders, from local authorities to school leaders and pupils, should play a role in embedding physical activity in the school’s ethos. This framework aims to show there are roles for everyone and this responsibility should not just rely on one lead role PE coordinator.

Formulated in June 2019, the framework was developed over two days in Leeds by an expert group of 50 specialists including head teachers, teachers, active primary school coordinators, public health, national and international researchers, national physical activity organisations and Active Partnerships.

The CAS framework has the whole primary school’s ethos at the centre, this is the most important factor to drive change. If the ethos does not embrace physical activity it will not lead to true appreciation and delivery. The most significant way to positively impact the ethos of the school is effective teacher training, both at the start and in-service CPD.

For primary schools yet to embark on the journey (the upper half of the framework), ethos change must come from policy makers. Using the COM-B model of behaviour change there must be standards set along with provision of support and guidance.

To impact change from within a primary school (the lower half of the framework), it needs to be seen in the school’s policy and vision, backed up with internal resources including environmental and the support of stakeholders. No part of the school day should be overlooked. Opportunities where physical activity can be introduced are highlighted in the bottom tier of the framework with examples of good practice.



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