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  • Overview
  • Covid Response
  • Delivery and Apprenticeships
  • Competitions and L3 School Games
  • Teacher CPD / Support
  • Health
  • Family
  • Holiday Provision & HAF/COMF
  • The Future

Note from the CEO:

The academic year of 2020-21 has been another year which has provided unprecedented challenges to children, families, schools and the wider society. In September, COVID-19 restrictions were reduced in schools with the removal of bubbles and various other measures. We were hopeful for a straightforward year, however, as the autumn turned into winter, we could see that this would most likely, not be the case. The return of lockdown and home-schooling led us to a very familiar place without the benefit of the previous lockdown’s warmer days.

During this time, we improved our online offer through videos, challenges and webinars to support children and their families with physical activity and mental wellbeing. We also continued to support schools with their key worker and vulnerable groups throughout this time. As spring arrived, we were able to deliver in a more traditional fashion with the easing of restrictions. It was comforting that the appetite for physical activity was clearly apparent.

During the pandemic as an organisation, we have restructured and invested heavily in the delivery team, improving and strengthening the internal structure and impact of work. This has meant that the resilience to the various changes during the year have been absorbed easier and therefore the impact of our work has been greater.

The mission of Every Child Active is more pertinent than ever with children and families being disproportionately affected by the impact of COVID-19, based on household circumstances, such as access to IT equipment and a garden, as well as affluency and ethnicity.

We feel the benefit of physical activity to physical health, mental wellbeing and wider outcomes was widely recognised during the first lockdown, a position to build upon and keep at the forefront of people’s minds.

We would like to thank all the children, parents, schools and partner organisations for all their support and engagement over this period. I would like to also thank the Move More staff for their hard work, adaptability, resilience and creativity over this year.