Siblings (without) Rivalry WEBINAR

Siblings (without) Rivalry WEBINAR


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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If you are blessed with more than one child, you know that sibling rivalry is a fact of life. Your children will argue just about anything, will accuse each other of the most horrendous crimes, will annoy each other just by merely breathing next to one another. They’ll shout, “I hate you!”, “You are stupid!”, “I wish you weren’t born!” Or “You love my sibling more than me”.  

Although sibling rivalry is very common, adults often find it difficult to manage it and resort to “divide and conquer” strategies which might work in the short term but won’t help the sibling relationships in the long term.

This is why our next webinar will be focusing on understanding why sibling rivalry even occurs and tools to help you either prevent and/or manage tricky situations between your children. We will also be talking about which strategies to put in place to give your children a chance to be friends, not just siblings.  

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