How To Help An Overwhelmed And Worried Child

How To Help An Overwhelmed And Worried Child


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Topic: How to help an overwhelmed and worried child

When: 28.6.22 at 1pm

Where: online

Duration: approximately 60mins

Brief description:

“My child often feels overwhelmed, even by the smallest things. He is a worrier and finds it hard to settle at night. Often, he asks the same question over and over again although I’ve already given him the answer. He can be very clingy too. Sometimes, his feelings come out as anger and frustration and I am just not sure how to help him.”

If this, even to an extent, describes you and your family, then our next online session is the right place for you. During this session we will be exploring:

  • How to spot the signs of worrying and feeling overwhelmed
  • Helpful parenting practices to help your child when they feel overwhelmed and worried
  • Using diet and physical activity to help your entire family cope better with emotional and mental strains.


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